Patent Clearance Search Analysis

What is Patent Clearance Analysis?

Your competitors may have patents also. Cybernetic Law PLLC identifies and evaluates patents that may provide a legal claim against a software product that you may be considering launching. 

Because of our extensive expertise with regards to U.S. software patents, we offer patent clearance search analysis of proposed designs that you wish to move forward with in relation to patents by others. 

U.S. software patent clearance search analysis, or a freedom-to-operate (FTO) analysis, includes a video conference to discuss the proposed design, outsourcing of a clearance/FTO search to a third-party vendor, analysis of the outsource search results, further correspondence with the applicant/inventor including technical questions and a final opinion that includes our opinion whether any active U.S. patents could be problematic to the launch of the proposed design.

Patent Preparation