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Our vision


We provide U.S. patent prosecution legal services for software technology companies.

Cybernetic Law provides legal counsel and support to clients looking to expedite prosecution of U.S. patent applications in the software arts through previous USPTO patent examiner experience.

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Focus on Claim Drafting

We focus on quality claim drafting, and a collaborative approach with patent examiners to relentlessly pursue desired claim scope.


Safeguard Against Potential Software Patent Eligibility Challenges

Cybernetic Law has given public and private presentations on U.S. software patent eligibility, and endeavors to be forward-thinking with regards to potential Section 101 (patent eligibility) challenges, whether at the USPTO or in a U.S. court.


Extensive Relevant USPTO Experience

Cybernetic Law has over 14 years of combined USPTO and Washington, D.C. area law firm experience, including helping Fortune 500 companies obtain U.S. patents.

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